Why Us?

Experience & Understanding

For some, sinus, nasal, allergy, and snoring symptoms may be minor, while for others they may be so debilitating that they cause missed time from work, school and/or family activities. Farragut ENT and Allergy understands how incredibly frustrating these conditions may be and the impact they have on quality of life. 

Farragut ENT and Allergy was founded to provide patients in East Tennessee with the best possible Sinus (including Balloon Sinus Dilation), Nasal obstruction, and Allergy care – all in one convenient location.

Diagnostics & Cutting-Edge Care

Farragut ENT and Allergy provides everything needed for a full evaluation and comprehensive treatment plan – typically in one visit. This may include an ENT examination, a Nasal Endoscopy, in office CT scan of the sinuses and Allergy Testing.

We Customize simple, proven and durable treatments for each of our patients. As one of the most technologically advanced offices, Farragut ENT and allergy takes pride in offering minimally invasive, in-office procedures. These advancements eliminate the need for general anesthesia, reduce medical costs, and provide convenient and quick recovery times.

Balloon Sinus Dilation (also known as Balloon Sinuplasty) is one example of cutting-edge care. Balloon Sinus Dilation is a highly effective procedure for recurrent and/or chronic sinusitis (sinus infections.) BSD is an easy procedure performed regularly at Farragut ENT and Allergy (not a hospital or surgery center), patients return to regular activities within a day or two and is a long-term, durable solution. Better yet, it’s covered by most insurance plans!

National Center Of Excellence

Farragut ENT and Allergy is considered a National Center of Excellence for balloon sinus dilation. Many physicians have been trained at our facility on how to perform, improve and refine in office procedures. We take pride in continuing to provide cutting edge care on the forefront of medical innovation.