What is Chronic Rhinitis?

Chronic Rhinorrhea is a term used for patients with a runny nose. The nose may be running out the front of the nose or down the back of the throat. This can also cause increased nasal congestion. This can be caused from chronic sinus infections, allergies, non-allergic causes, the normal aging process or exposure to foods or other aromatic molecules. This can be particularly bothersome at night when sleeping, or during the day especially during meals.

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What is ClariFix®?

ClariFix is a clinically-proven, minimally invasive cryotherapy (localized freezing) that uses a cooling probe to freeze a small, inflamed area in the back of the nose. ClariFix is used to help treat people who suffer from chronic rhinitis. By freezing the tissue, it helps relieve the inflammation and pain.

ClariFix is providing hope for patients whose runny nose and congestion hasn’t responded to traditional sprays, drops, and pills. It can also be helpful for patients in whom natural treatment for allergies is not quite enough.

ClariFix has many benefits for reducing inflammation in the back of the nose. The benefits of this cryotherapy treatment include the following:

  • Is a safe procedure
  • Is performed in the office
  • Has minimal discomfort (topical and local anesthesia is provided)
  • Provides long lasting symptom relief in 4 out of 5 patients

How Does ClariFix® Work?

Nasal nerves regulate functions of the nose such as nasal secretions. It is thought that interrupting these nerves results in the reduction of nasal symptoms such as runny nose (rhinorrhea) and nasal congestion.

What Is The ClariFix Procedure?

This is a simple and straightforward procedure that our skilled physicians perform right in our offices. First, we apply local or topical anesthetic to the treatment area at the back of your nose. Next, we take the ClariFix device with a small endoscope and enter your nose. These are placed in the back of the nose where we use an endoscope camera to see the area of inflammation caused by the improperly functioning nerves.

We then direct the end of the ClariFix device to the area and deliver the freezing cryotherapy onto those nerves. The cryotherapy interrupts the signals from the out-of-balance nerves that are causing your symptoms. The process takes just a few minutes and will be repeated in the other nostril if necessary.

The ClariFix cryotherapy procedure last around only 4 minutes.

The ClariFix cryotherapy procedure is relatively painless, and patients can opt for local anesthesia or IV sedation.

Some patients report a brief headache after the procedure.

The ClariFix cryotherapy procedure has long-lasting results. Many people report improvement from their chronic rhinitis lasts for over a year.

Patients can leave their doctor’s office 30 minutes after the procedure.


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Will I Still Need Nasal Medications After The Procedure?

This should dramatically decrease or completely remove your need for nasal sprays and other medications. Of course, this can vary by the patient.

ClariFix® Results

In clinical studies to gain FDA clearance for ClariFix, 4 out of 5 patients reported long-lasting relief of their chronic rhinitis. It usually takes between two and six weeks post-treatment to see these improvements.

Is ClariFix® Right For Me?

For many, the typical treatments and nasal medications such as sprays, drops, and pills, are enough to combat nasal allergy symptoms and chronic rhinitis. However, there are also many people that, no matter what they do, cannot find relief from either congestion or their runny nose.

For these patients, relief can be achieved from a simple in office procedure. ClariFix cryotherapy can finally give people (including pregnant women looking for pregnancy rhinitis relief) freedom from chronic rhinitis relief. ClariFix targets the posterior nasal nerve (PNN), which signals the nose whether it should start secreting mucus or become congested.

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