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rhinoplasty knoxvillerhinoplasty knoxville
rhinoplasty knoxvillerhinoplasty knoxville
rhinoplasty knoxvillerhinoplasty knoxville

All about rhinoplasty

Because the nose is an important and central point on the face, it plays a major role in how you look to others. Perhaps you would like your nose to be better balanced with your face. Rhinoplasty (sometimes casually called a “nose job” by Knoxville area residents) is the surgical procedure that allows us to change the form or function of your nose.

Your nose is not simply a fixture on your face, but a functioning part of your respiratory system. Therefore, the surgeon who changes your nose should also understand how your rhinoplasty will affect the function of your nose. For example, if you desire to make your nose smaller and more fitting to your face, you want to be sure that your breathing passages remain open.

Most surgeons would agree that rhinoplasty is the most challenging plastic surgical procedure, given the careful consideration of both aesthetics and function. This surgery should be performed by specialists with extensive training and a profound understanding of both the nasal airway as well as the anatomy of the nose. Without the appropriate training and experience, obtaining these results becomes more of a random process. Dr. Mathison is a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon who has extensive training and experience with cosmetic surgery focused on the nose. Because of his experience, Dr. Mathison is often sought after by patients who have had surgery elsewhere and desire a revision surgery.

Choosing the right surgeon

Dr. Mathison is an expert at both primary (first-time) and revision rhinoplasty. He specializes is both the closed (from inside the nose) and open rhinoplasty and has extensive experience with both surgical techniques. He also is an expert in septal perforation repair and uses the latest in technological advances. Dr. Mathison does not do tummy tucks, butt lifts, or breast augmentation; rather, he devotes his time and skill to plastic surgery of the face, the nose in particular. This explains why he has such an extensive and deep experience in both the appearance and function of the nose.

At the time of your initial consultation, a thorough examination of your nose and all your facial features will be performed. This will identify any cosmetic and functional issues that are of concern to you. It is important that you inform us about any history of trauma or surgery to your nose or if you have any seasonal allergies or problems with your breathing. All of these are important factors when Dr. Mathison discusses all the surgical options with you. He looks forward to meeting with you and helping you learn more about nose surgery. Schedule your consultation by calling 865-777-1727.

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