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Knoxville Area Balance & Hearing

At Farragut Balance & Hearing Institute we have 6 locations throughout East Tennessee. Our main office is located in Farragut, just 15 minutes west of Knoxville. We have a full-time location in the Dowell Springs complex off Middlebrook Pike, and part-time locations in Athens and Sweetwater.

Our team of experienced audiologists are committed to providing the highest quality testing and treatment available. Our audiologists work closely with the physicians of Farragut ENT & Allergy to provide comprehensive ear and hearing care. If you would like information regarding hearing tests and/or hearing aids, please contact us or schedule a consultation by clicking the button below.

Hearing Testing

We offer comprehensive hearing tests for all adults and most children. The road to improved hearing begins with a full hearing test. At Farragut Hearing Aids & Audiology we have the advantage of audiologists and…

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Balance Testing

Our audiologists, physical therapists, and ENT physicians work together to provide comprehensive balance testing including…

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Hearing Aid Services

We have access to every major hearing aid manufacturer. This allows us to select the hearing aid technology that is best for each individual. With medical oversight…

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Tinnitus (pronounced tin-ih-tus) is a persistent noise inside of your head. The symptom is extremely common, affecting about 20% of the general population…

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