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Welcome! Farragut ENT & Allergy is your choice for ear, nose, and throat care.
We are an independent practice providing comprehensive treatment for allergies, sinuses, ears, and more.
At Farragut ENT we have combined the expertise of multiple ENT practices and located them in several convenient offices. Farragut ENT & Allergy, the Knoxville Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, and the Balance and Hearing Institute are here to serve you.

We have an experienced team of ENT physicians, audiologists, nurse practitioners, allergy nurses, physical therapists, and support staff all working together to provide you with the best care available.

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Farragut ENT and Allergy has been open since 1992. Our office was the FIRST to provide balloon sinuplasty procedures in East Tennessee, and we continue to provide the most modern medical treatment available. The experience we have gained over the decades allows us to provide an expert level of care and advice to our patients. Our practice emphasizes sinus and allergy disorders as well as adult and pediatric ear, nose, and throat care. Common procedures we perform include sinus treatments such as in office balloon sinuplasty and traditional sinus surgery.

Allergy Treatment

Treating allergy symptoms is a short-term fix to a long-term problem. To ease allergy symptoms, the allergen itself has to be addressed.

At Farragut ENT and Allergy we are capable of identifying the root cause of your allergy symptoms through allergy testing. Once our allergy specialists know the allergens that affect you, they can provide a comprehensive treatment plan that ends your allergy symptoms for good.

The benefits of having an allergy division within an ENT office are drastic. Our patients benefit from the expertise of two different sets of doctors in the same building. Allergists know how allergens affect the body, and ENT doctors specialize in some of the areas where allergies wreak the most havoc, such as your eyes and your sinuses. We believe that this combination of medical disciplines leads to better results for our patients. Click here to make an appointment today!

Knoxville’s Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

Our office in Dowell Springs provides life-changing care for our patients. Our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Clyde Mathison, has over 12 years of expertise in the plastic and reconstructive surgery field and has operated on 1000’s of patients. His expertise lies in procedures above the face and neck, such as rhinoplasty (also known as a nose job), otoplasty, facelift, scar and blemish removal, and skin cancer reconstruction.

In order to deliver quality reconstructive results to patients, a surgeon must understand the importance of form as well as function.

This is why Dr. Mathison puts in immense consideration into the final aesthetic look of every operation. Doing so ensures our patients are satisfied and comfortable with their results.

The Balance and Hearing Institute

At our institute, we offer a massive range of services to our patients, including tinnitus tests, hearing tests and hearing aid maintenance.
Each of our audiologists will work with you and/or your family members patiently and attentively, ensuring we provide lasting treatment solutions and the best quality of care possible.
For your convenience, our team of experienced Audiologists services 6 locations in Knoxville and East Tennessee.

Learn more about what we treat at The Balance and Hearing Institute.

Hearing loss and ear wax cleaning

Hearing loss will directly affect one in three Americans in their lifetime. To minimize the effect of untreated hearing loss it is important to identify the problem early and begin treatment as soon and accurately as possible. The Balance and Hearing Institute contains a suite of tests and devices designed for this exact purpose. We will work with you to identify the causes of your hearing loss.
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Hearing loss is not always permanent. Often, hearing loss can be caused by something as simple as earwax build up. Earwax removal is a safe and speedy service we provide every day to our patients. Schedule an ear cleaning with us today.

Hearing aids

If a patient is found to be in need of hearing aids or already uses hearing aids, we are fully equipped to handle their needs. We provide regular hearing aid adjustments and individual fittings, tailored to your personal requirements and listening habits. Find out more about the cutting edge programs we use to do this.


The Balance and Hearing Institute provides care to patients suffering from dizziness, falls, or motion-induced illness (such as seasickness, motion sickness, or car sickness). Our team of audiologists uses state of the art technology, alongside traditional exams to find the root cause of your balance issues. Let us find a solution for your dizziness. Stop by and see us today.

No matter what reason you visit us, it is our mission to consistently provide you with the best possible care.

Please call 865-777-1727 to make an appointment or contact us.

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Comprehensive Care

Our practice offers the finest care and service in all areas of ear, nose, and throat treatment. We practice under three brand names: Farragut ENT & Allergy, The Balance & Hearing Institute, and the Knoxville Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. No matter the name, we are committed to exceptional performance and care.

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Wonderful! If something comes up you just call and they tell us to come on in… I just hope that everybody comes and gets their sinuses taken care of like I did, because you’re gonna be a different person.
Shirley W.

I would definitely recommend Farragut ENT for treatment. I have had a great experience and I’m so relieved that I can breathe. It’s been great!
Autumn N.

Dr. Brown was really nice and kid friendly. I would recommend him to everyone.
Yvonne P.